Frequently asked questions about renting through Nicholas O’Sullivan.



I like the property how do I proceed?

As you may know, rental properties can attract interest from multiple tenant applicants all keen to secure the property for tenancy. Should you wish to proceed with a property, in the interests of fairness to all parties you will be asked to complete a Pre-Tenancy Application Form.

This enables us to take relevant information about your application to the Landlord so they can make an informed decision when selecting a tenant to proceed with.


What referencing do you carry out?

The next step is tenant referencing. We require an acceptable tenant reference. This will be required once the Landlord has agreed to proceed with your application. A tenant reference typically seeks to confirm your identity and includes a credit check, a previous landlord or mortgage check and employment verification.


If the outcome of your tenant reference recommends a Guarantor, you would require a Guarantor in order to proceed with a tenancy. Your Guarantor would also be required to undergo the tenant reference process.


What ID do you need to see?

Photographic ID, you must be able to provide a copy of a valid passport. If you do not have a passport please let us know and we will advise of any alternative acceptable ID. You will also need to provide proof of your current address, this must be a recent utility bill or bank statement.


What type of tenancy will I have?

If you are renting as a private individual you will have a Private Residential Tenancy Agreement- for more information visit


If you are renting as a corporate body you will have a Corporate Tenancy Agreement.


When can I move in?

We will always try our best to meet your requested date of entry however this date is approximate and may be subject to change.

When can I sign the tenancy agreement?

It is important to note that you do not have a valid Tenancy Agreement for the property until the Tenancy Agreement has been signed by all relevant parties, including all Tenants, Nicholas O’Sullivan on behalf of the Landlord and the Guarantor (if applicable). Once the referencing process is complete we will then confirm a date of entry and tenancy start date. You will be required to pay one month’s rent in advance and two months’ rent as a security deposit. We cannot start the tenancy signing process until these funds have been paid in full and we have received cleared funds. Payments can be made by either bank transfer, personal cheque or debit/credit


For all Private Residential Tenancy Agreements, our tenancy agreement signing process is now manual and will be completed in our office.


When do I collect my keys?


Your Letting Negotiator will arrange a time for you to attend the office to collect your keys on your tenancy start date.


Do you carry out inspections?


Yes, we do carry out mid tenancy property inspections. This is to ensure that the property meets the required rental standards and that it is being cared for by tenants in a responsible and tenant like manner.


Details of your inspection dates will be given to you in due course by the Letting Negotiator. We schedule to attend every property, every 2 months for a quick inspection. You are of course welcome to be present during the inspection.

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